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Providing Electrical Services Victoria wide. Offices based in Melbourne and Geelong. 

System Design & Consultancy

System design and economic analysis are some of the most important factors to consider when investing in an energy system. Simply using good quality equipment doesn’t guarantee a functioning solution. Anova Energy takes time to consult with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the application, and our client’s goals before we begin to construct a system architecture. It is self-evident that designing an energy system for a holiday home requires a very different set of design criteria when compared to designing an off-grid energy solution for a 24/7 business. It is very important that the client is continually consulted and educated during the design process to ensure that the final system design is optimal for the application and economic goals associated with the project.

ANOVA utilize HOMER pro and PV Syst for analysing renewable energy investments. Different system architectures, sizes and equipment are considered over a timer frame chosen by the client in order to identify the most cost-effective solutions for each application.

STEP 1 – Consultation

To ensure that our design is identifying the optimal solution for our clients, we take time to ensure that we understand our client’s goals. We can optimize our system recommendations based on a number of figures, best Net Present Value (NPV) over a given time, maximum carbon abatement, maximum yield for a particular budget, designing a system-finance solution that requires $0 up front and saves the client money in the first year even while making instalments on the system. Whatever the client’s goals, ANOVA can engineer the optimal solution.

STEP 2 – Load Profile

We utilize energy data from the client’s smart meter, or can generate a synthetic load profile based on discussions with the client. We can analyse data down each minute of the year.

STEP 3 – Energy tariffs

If the system is to be grid-connected, ANOVA then inputs accurate power prices based on current bills. Feed in tariffs are also included. Different rates during the day and weekends are considered.

STEP 4 – Download energy resources from NASA

Our reports use NASA data for temperature, wind speeds, cloud cover and solar resource in order to analyse system performance.

STEP 5 – High level 3d modelling and shade/yield analysis

Anova Energy can offer high-level shading analysis for existing or new buildings. ANOVA can accurately model a building in a three-dimensional space factoring in all relevant obstructions. Our engineers have the ability to analyse yield very accurately accounting for shading and string design.

The images show a series of solar designs utilizing different technology and array design. In this case, a 70kW array designed well with some optimizers was found to produce more energy than a poorly designed 100kW system. This level of accuracy in yield projections allows ANOVA Energy’s customers to have confidence that their money is being invested wisely. In this case, the customer saved tens of thousands of dollars on system capital cost yet achieved greater savings due to over 10MWh of increased yield.

STEP 6 – Technology selection and analysis constraints

After consultation with the client to identify their goals, ANOVA Energy consultants will then generate a number of artificial system architectures, utilizing a series of constraints in order to identify optimal investments. We have the ability to simulate the majority of the leading solar products on the market to ensure that we are utilizing the best equipment for any given application.

Equipment cost, discount rate, inflation, feed in tariff, self consumption, grid feed limitation, thermal energy storage, electrical energy storage, load profile optimization (power diversion) tilt angle, and azimuth are some of the variables that ANOVA analyse.

STEP 7 – Simulation/Energy report

ANOVA will then run a series of simulations to identify the optimal solution. The client is presented with a detailed report listing viable solutions.

Energy Efficiency Reports

Thomas Morgan has a Masters degree in renewable energy and has delivered a number of energy efficiency reports to dairies, the manufacturing industry and commercial warehousing. ANOVA can identify inefficient technologies and replace them with higher efficiently longer lasting technology that can save a significant amount off your energy bills. Please contact our team to discuss our energy efficiency consultancy services.

Some of the areas that ANOVA can assess are Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimization, Lighting upgrades (LED), HVAC upgrades, and more.

Led Upgrades

One of the most cost-effective energy upgrade solutions is to replace old and inefficient lighting with modern LED technology. LED lights can use as little as one-tenth as much energy as a standard Incandescent bulb, and can last more than ten times longer. LED lights can also last five times longer than a standard Compact Fluorescent light (CFL) and use less than half the energy to generate the same illumination. It is for this reason that ANOVA always recommends upgrading lighting when investing in an energy system.

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